Is It True?

Is it true?

That my old ways has resurrected which grown my days that were blue?

Please don’t let it be true!

I worked too hard, I fought too hard for you to just throw away the real you.

I shed too much tears.

So it’s time to overcome those fears.

Because I would be dammed if I see you go back to the ending.

The ending of a horrible time in your life.

So please save yourself now and destroy that knife.

That knife that’s going to destroy all the hard work you accomplished.

So please don’t be punished.

Instead disappear.

To a place where there is no fear.

No fear in love, no fear in moving on, no fear in failing, no fear in pain.

Just stay true to yourself and continue to gain.

Gain all the beautiful things that has entered.

Although your heart has been splintered.

Be strong and fix it yourself.

Instead of looking for someone else.

Because it will be broken for good.

Because you will be misunderstood.

So please don’t let it come true.

Fight as hard as you can, don’t let the pain change you.

But how about if it is true?

That the “real” you is the “fake” you and the “fake” you is the “real” you.

Because history is repeating.

And your heart can’t stop bleeding

So maybe they were all right.

But can I really be both the dark and the light?

-Violet Marie.

Things to think about..

1. Guys don’t wear make-up and their good looking, so why do girls have to wear make-up to be beautiful? Maybe that’s the reason why guys prefer girls without make-up because they’re showing their true beauty and we aren’t.

2. Why does the guy have to always pay for the girl? I mean I believe the girl should treat the guy as well. The guy has a job the girl has a job he spends money on her so she should spend money on him as well.

3. Why does the girl always have to cook clean and cater? Why can’t guys do the same. They don’t have to do it all the time but at least sometimes, to show they appreciate the girl I mean the girl shows it to the guy everyday its nice if they feel the same way and to feel relaxed just like the guy.

Let me tell you a secret.

I wish I was Violet she’s my alter ego and she is fucking awesome that’s the girl everyone loves on here and YouTube and all that. She’s positive strong confident and any good things you can think of.
The real me isnt any of that and that’s why I created her to help me be like her and I really wish I was but I can’t keep on pretending.
Right now I feel the opposite of all that Im a pretty shy person I feel weak I feel ugly and lots more.
I try so hard to be more like violet to be perfect but I’m tired of trying to be something I am not but I am also tired of feeling so ugly and down and not good enough it’s driving me insane.

I’m going to spit something real quick lol

I got more bars than monkeys, I got the whole world swinging.

I got a voice on me too so I also got them singing.

I’m a Quad threat, I sing, I write, I dance, I model.

Independent so I pop my own bottles.

I don’t mind these haters, they’re my motivation.

They’re the ones that gona help me get to my destination.

Dedication, That’s what they give me.

Love me or Hate me, you’re still beside me.

o0o0o0ooo0ooo0o0o0o0o0o0o0 she got bars !!!!!!!!! lmfaoo

You put the title

It’s crazy how I have so many people around me but yet I am alone.
They  claim to love me but yet they all have broken my back bone.
I’ve worked hard, I’ve fought.
To change everyone’s thoughts.
But they still look passed all the good.
And continue to hit me with that fire wood.
It’s me against the world, it’s a routine.
Just like you dress up on Halloween.
Oh how I wish inside me there is a clone.
That feels and does everything different then my own. 
Because everyday there’s a battle inside my head. 
That wants to be in another body instead.
Because of you.
Because all of you, and the things you say and do.
Got me hating who I am and the body I am in more and more everyday.
It’s going to lead me to disappear one day.
And then what will you have to say? 
You’re sorry ?
Fuck your sorry’s because they mean shit. 
Because what will you be doing tomorrow? Taking another hit.
A hit of my pain,
Because things will always be the same.
When will it be all done?
When will that sorry be the last one?
-Violet Marie.

To My Soul

Myself, who stood strong and fought all the obstacles that came my way.

Who finally stood up to people that always had something to say.

For being myself and learning from my mistakes.

And waking up every morning to another nightmare, but still smiling, that’s all it takes.

I say Thank You, For always being you.

-Violet Marie.

Go Away, Go Away

Go Away; Go Away, you’re consuming my head.

Every second I breathe, more and more I go insane.

Stuck in my mind forever, the words that are said.

It drives me deeper than my sleep, and deeper than my bed.

Oh Why, Oh Why was I cursed with this pain?

Go Away; Go Away, you’re consuming my head.

Making it spin, going to the dark side, and wishing I were dead.

The more I stress, the more I gain.

Stuck in my mind forever, the words that are said.

Oh Why couldn’t you just bother someone else instead?

Now the heart I hold has a stain.

Go Away; Go Away, you’re consuming my head.

Perplexed about life, Perplexed about me, is making me mislead.

My heart stops, opens, gets hurt, and keeps going like a train.

Stuck in my mind forever, the words that are said.

Read my heart that has not been read.

For it will reveal who’s to blame.

Go Away; Go Away, you’re consuming my head.

Stuck in my mind forever, the words that are said.

-Violet Marie.

All I Want.

All I Want is for the one I love more than I love myself, to respect me, to say sorry for all the hurt one put on me, all the pain one forced out of me and all the tears one sucked out of me. Then to never do those things again.

To never make me feel weak.

Or try to make me feel like I need to take a peek.

To never make me feel like I’m not good enough for one to love.

And to make me always be above.

For one to feel the way I feel like missing one all the time.

And to say “she will always be mine.”

To never pay mind to no other girl but me.

So I won’t have nightmares of one hurting me.

For one to open up and talk.

So then maybe we both together can continue to walk.

For one to understand.

And to appreciate that here I still stand.

I just want things to get better, that is All I Want.

-Violet Marie

People have some nerve, I want to kill every single one of you that make fun of fat people, gay people, or people that have mental disorders. I swear you people discuss me, and you are the most ugliest people I ever seen shaking my head at you. You people need help if not you people should DIE !

I’m saying this because, on tumblr, people go in on fat people, especially, and I’m getting tired of seeing such things like wtf you don’t know what they have you don’t know if they have some type of thing that they gain a lot more weight then normal people do, you know shit about their life, and you don’t know what the fuck they’re going through, but yet you sit there and just make it worse by throwing hurtful words at them and thats why people commit suicide. This society is so fucked up. This society tells you that skinny is beautiful and thats it what about the rest of us? we arent beautiful? That’s why so many people especially girls are insecure about their bodies because of society and because of ignorant people like you. People think they have the right to say hurtful things because of society. Like do you see people saying “eww your skinny” no they say “eww your fat” “eww your gay” “eww your stupid” “eww your ugly” It pisses me the fuck off.

So here is my message to every single one of you fuckers, you should be ashamed and you should just go die.

and for the people that get made fun of, brush it off and don’t pay mind to these fuckers, you are beautiful the way you are and don’t let anyone else tell you otherwise Because skinny isn’t the only Beautiful.

-Violet Marie.